Alison DBZ Maja FutureEdit

Alison is the daughter of Android 11 and Android 12. When she is little she has no intrest in fighting, but as she gets
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older she learns to love fighting. She is a very skilled fighter but her secret weapon is her speed. She can easily beat her cousins Amu and Nicole. She can also beat her father Android 12 and uncles Android 7 and Android 8 in a race. Alison was a die hard girly girl but when she turns 8 she sees Amu and Nicole training with therir fathers Android 7 and 8, she watches for a while and then jumps right in.

Alison's Fighting SkillsEdit

She is a born fighter from the start and she has imense talents such as her speed and her mental abilties. Her uncle Android 7 helps her speed train and soon she was able to beat even him. Her uncle Android 8 helps her unlock her vast hidden power which is equivilent to the strength of a Super Saiyan 4. Her father 12 helps her with her physical fight training which he says she needs to master. Her mom 11 and aunts Android 6 and Android 9 just give her really good advice and lots of cheering as do her cousins. Alison knows she can turn to her family for anything especially her cousins, she can always confide in them. Alison and her cousins go on all kinds of adventures including entering in the WMAT with her father and uncle 7. She looses out when she has to fight Nicole she lost by knock out. Nicole gave her a punch to the stomach which knocked her unconscious and sent her flying out of the ring. She held no grudge against her cousin because Nicole slid out of the ring when she fougtht a man by the name of "Jackhammer." Amu lost in the quarter finals after she fought her own father. It was a very fun experiance and they said they would do it again whwen they got strong enough to beat each other.

Later OnEdit

When Alison turns 14 she meets the flirt Jackson at the WMAT when she goes back. They date on and off for 3 years but when they turn 18 things get serious when she and Jackson realize that they are in love. Jackson asks her to marry him and she says yes. When she turns 20 she finds out she is pregnant with a baby girl they later name, Abby. Her and Jackson marry after she gives birth to Abby and they love each other until they die.


- She marries Jackson when she is 20 and 3/4

- Her daughters name is Abby

- She has pink ki

- He meets Jackson at the WMAT

- She is born in June

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