Amanda is the eldest daughter of Honesty and Osiris. She is very
Amanda daughter of honesty and osiris

Amanda chucking up a peace sign to Miranda at the WMAT.

short tempered and she is the kinda girl who doesn't take shit from anyone. Amanda is the exact oppisite of her sister Miranda. Miranda is shy, cynical, and Miranda keeps to herself. Amanda speaks her mind, she is sarcastic, and doesn't care what other people think about her. Amanda is a also the kind of person who stands up to brutes and bullies that's why she and Miranda have so many friends. Although she and Miranda have different personalities they are very close, so close that she would give her life for Miranda and the rest of her family.

Amanda's PowersEdit

Amanda is a physical fighter like both her mother and father she has very little physic powers but the ones she does pack a pretty powerful punch. She trains with her cousins Love, Cherish , Zeal, Lantern, and Cheer. She also loves to spar with her parents and Miranda. Amanda is very powerful and is usually a level headed fighter she looses her level headed state when she under extreme anger or extreme anguish. But otherwise she is a very skilled and level headed fighter.

Later onEdit

When she and Miranda turned 14 she came across a kid being beat up. She easily got the brutes to leave the kid alone. Come to find out the kids name was Spinel and this wasn't the first time this had happened to him. She insantly falls for him but she didn't say anything. Spinel started to hang out with Amanda, Miranda and some of their other friends. Finally Amanda best friend Kelly asked her if she liked Spinel she blushed and said no. Kelly didn't say anything to Amanda but she did tell Miranda, Valerie, Maddy, and Jocelynn what happened. So they set Amanda and Spinel up to meet, and thanks to her friends she finds her true love. Once they graduate they get hitched and that includes Amanda getting pregnant with their first child a girl named Calicite. Then a year later she gets pregnant with a boy they later name Koroite. Amanda loves her friends and family dearly and she would do anything for them.


- Amanda is the oppisite of her sister Miranda

- She has 2 children with Spinel

- She meets Spinel when she is 14

- Her kids are a year apart

- She has pink ki

- She loves pink but she is a tomboy

- She and Spinel never marry

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