Amber is the youngest of Tien and Blonde Launch 's

(= Amber =)

triplets. She is born with a will to protect and she is stubborn when it comes to making descisions. She fights with her family and friends with the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen1.

Amber's PowersEdit

Amber is a physical and a mental fighter. She has Pyrokinesis and Terrakinesis. Pyrokinesis allows her to be able to control fire. Terrakinesis allows her to be able to control or bend earth/rock.

Later onEdit

Amber meets Demetri when she is out on patrol. She finds him beaten and bloody on a pile of rubble. She flies him back to Pariah's Hospital, Pariah cares for him and Amber helps nurse him back to health. She falls in love with him and when he wakes she kisses him. He kisses her back and they start dating right after that. She has triplets with him; Matrix, Ammolite, and Coriza. And after Garnet is killed by Majin Talina she and Demetri decide that they would name their youngest child Garnets, in honor and memory of Garnet. They get married when their triplets are 2 and a half.


Amber is sweet and she loves to help people. She is born to protect and she loves to lend a hand. She tries to protect her family and the innocent, she also loves her family to bits.


-She is closest to her older sister Garnet

-Her triplets are 4 years older than Garnets

-Her most dormant power is Hydrokinesis

-Has brigth red ki

-She has the spirit of a tiger

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