Ametrine is the daughter of Calcite and Tapion. She is kinda quiet
Ametrine shinhan

Ametrine Shinhan <little>

and shy but she loves to fight. She looks up to her older sisters Tears and Mackenzie. Ametrine fights with the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2.

Ametrine's PowersEdit

Ametrine is a physical and a mental fighter. She has the spirit of the Cheetah and her speed is incredible. She has Pyrokinesis and Lythekinesis. Pyrokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend fire. Lythekinesis allows her to be able to control, blend in and munipulate light. She can also create illusions and cool light effects. She is an incredible fighter and she has the drive of a Shinhan.


Ametrine is sweet as sugar and she wouldn't hurt a fly. She loves to help others and she fights with her cheetah spirit and her family. Fighting is a big part of her life and she never fights just to fight, she fights to save lives.


I am the gentlest creature you will ever meet and I won't harm you unless nessesary.


-Has Pyrokinesis

-Can read minds

-Has Tapion's eyes

-Has light pink ki

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