Android AB DBZ Maja FutureEdit

Android AB is one of the Androids Created By Dr.Cris and Crisis. She is also the twin of Android BC. She is very
Android AB

Android AB.

solem and serious, battle is always one of her thoughts. She loves her family, her siblings and Dr.Cris. She is especially close to her twin Android BC.

AB's PowersEdit

AB has Pyrokinesis like all of her other android siblings as well as a few other battle techniques.

List of TechniquesEdit

-Death Ray




-Call of the Wild

-Death Stare


AB is very solem and serious. Battle is always on her mind and she always has a back up plan. She loves her 2 children and her partner Android AC. She is very protective of them and she is very noble and true to her word.

Later onEdit

She meets Android AC when her twin BC meets her partner. They double date and thats how they meet. They date for 8 months, then she finds out she is pregnant with twins they name; Taiva and Oreck. She loves her family and she would to anything for them.


-Has Pyrokinesis

-Her twin is Android BC

-Doesn't age

-Got the necklace as a gift from Dr.Cris

-She is a lot like Calcite

-She can go Super Saiyan

-Has sea green ki &nbsp