Android DOEdit

Android DO is one of the
Android DO edit 1

Android DO.

Androids Created By Dr.Cris and Crisis. She is in love with Android OV and she has a daughter with him. She is sweet and very fun to be around. DO is a full synthetic android just like her siblings.

List of Powers/TechniquesEdit




Hydro Bow

Ice Arrow

Pyro Bomb

Doe Eyes

Death Beam Cannon

Later onEdit

She meets Android OV because they are created at the same time. She loves him and she has a child with him, a girl by the name of Bambi.

Story FlashbackEdit

When Crisis is killed Dr.Cris and his androids swore revenge on Garnet because she was the one the brought him into the fight. She forgives Garnetwhen she finds out the truth.


Never let your guard down because you never know what the situation calls for.


-She is a full sythetic android

-She and OV were created at the same time

-Has Pyrokinesis

-Has lilac purple ki

-She has a one daughter with Android OV, her name is Bambi

-Her ultimate technique is the Death Beam Cannon