Introduction (DBZ Maja Future)Edit

Dr.Cris and Crisis have a long history and that is why they decided that they would make androids together.

When Crisis was walking in the woods one day he came across a girl, she was lost and scared. He took her in and later he learned her name was Cris and her parents had been killed by 17 and 18. He told her about his parents and this girl was very understanding for a 10 year old. Crisis asked her if she wanted her to help him create an android. She agreed and they started to work.

Androids They CreatedEdit


Android BC

Android DC

Android AB

Android AC

Android AM (Mackenzie)

Android IM  (Ima)

Android BC model 2 (Bia)

Android AZ

Android DO

Android OV

Android XY

Android UV

Android HD

Android CD

Android LM

Android MN

Android JK

Android KL

Android JC

Android NO

Android YT

Android CT