Dia is the result of the Mia and Dollie fusion. She
Mia and dollie fusion DIA

Mia and Dollie fusion -Dia-

wears a pink kimono type dress. She wears yellow knee high boots, Diamond shaped headband and her head set communicator. The earings she wears are a result of fusion, they are the same type of earings the Kai's wear to fuse. She looks like both Mia and Dollie. She gets the brown hair and eyes from Mia. She gets the teal part of her hair from Dollie.

Dia's Powers/AttacksEdit



-Lite teal ki

-Dynamite Flash

-Heart Beam

-Sonic Step

- Puzzle Shot tecnique


-Kinesis Powers Edit





-6th sense of traking


Dia is like Mia because she is sweet, kind and very good at sensing the caliber of battle she is going into. She is like Dollie because she is adventerous, kind and she is very good with battle tactics.


-She is the result of Mia and Dollie's fusion

-Her name is a blend of Mia and Dollie's names

-She is both a mental and physical

-They discover how to fuse in March &nbsp