Dollie is the adopted daughter of Chiatzu and Puppet.
Dollie teen

Dollie teen.

She doesn't know she is adopted and that's just the way Chiatzu and Puppet want it to stay. Dollie is very kind, caring and a very nice person. Her physic powers are something of a mystery but when she unlocks the full potential of her powers you better run. Dollie's power far exceeds anything that Chiatzu and Puppet could do. She doesn't believe that she is that powerful but everyone else knows that she is.


Dollie is also part of a fusion. Her fusion is with her best friend and cousin Mia. There fusion is a lot like Gotenks; you do the fusion dance. Execpt their fusion can last as long as they want it to last. All they have to do is snap their fingers and poof they are seperated. They call their fusion "Dia", because (Mia+Dollie= Dia).

Later onEdit

When Dollie turns 14 she and her parents take a trip to Yardron. That's where she learns to unlock her vast field of hidden physic powers. After a week, she finally learns how to harness half that strength. The rest remains hidden and she can only access it when she is either really pissed or really sad. When she returns she meets another Yardronian/Yardron boy named Metz. Metz and his mother were associates of Shen and Tao. She falls for Metz quickly and he does the same for her. They date for 2 years then they find out that Dollie is pregnant and 6 months later she gives birth to their daughter, Stardust. Dollie would do anything for Metz and Stardust

including give her life for them. She and Metz never marry but they remain life partners.


-She has pink ki

-Her 3 favorite colors are pink, blue and green

- She is Chiatzu and Puppet's adoptive daughter

-Her best friends is also her cousin Mia

-She is full blooded Yardronian/Yardron

-Her birthday March 3