Eboni is the adopted little sister of Elite. Elite finds her in the rubble of
Eboni maja future daughter of kita and niel

Eboni Black.

South City and she finds out her parents were killed by Android 1 and Android 10. Elite decides to take her home and when she is 5 she offically adopts her. Elite trains her and raises her as a fighter. Eboni is both a physical and a mental fighter.

Eboni's PowersEdit

Eboni is both a physical and a mental fighter. She has Hydrokinesis and Aerokinesis. Hydrokinesis allows her to control anything liquid. Aerokinesis allows her to be able to control the air and weather. Eboni has learned the Kamehameha Wave, Kaio Ken and the Spirit Bomb from her time with Elite. She has also mastered Goku's Instant Transmission technique.


Eboni is very quiet and she always tries to keep her emotions hidden. She is very sweet and kind. She always looks out for her little brother Josh and she always has his back.


Never let your enemies find your weaknesses.

Later onEdit

She meets Cotton when she is 17, he is the son of Pariah and Trunks from another timeline. He and Eboni have an instant connection and soon he asks her out on a date. She accepts and they head out. When she wakes up the next morning she has a headache and she runs to the bathroom. She throws up and that's when she realized what happened. A preganancy test confirms it, she is prganant and Cotton supports her. They get married 2 months later and they have a baby girl, her name is Peace. She loves her family and she would do anything for them.


-Has Aerokinesis

-She wears her (biological) fathers military dog tags on her right arm

-Her parents were killed by Android 1 and Android 10

-She is can go Super Saiyan

-Hates when someone ruines her out fit

-She remembers everything from her old life (even the death of her family