Hailey is the daughter of Mia and Kaleb. Hailey is 1/3 Vulparian and
Hailey shinhan

Hailley Shinhan-Tao.

even though she is 1/3 she has both the tail and ears. She is 1/3 Minisan but her long hair often covers her 3rd eye and she is also blind in her 3rd eye. She is also 1/3 human like her father Kaleb. She gets the Vulparian blood from some distant reletives. Haiey has access to Metakinesis, Hydrokinesis and a powers of sensing. Such as the grid search technique and the wide range technique. Hailey is very sly and very sarcastic but she is a nice person and a great fighter.

Hailey's PowersEdit

Hailey is both a physical and a mental fighter. She has access to Hydrokinesis which allows her to control anything liquid. She has access to Metakinesis which allows her to be able to control anything metal or metal based. She also has a unique power that acts much like a 6th sense. This power allows her search the planet, galaxy or universe for one thing or one person. She is commonly refered to as "Supa Hailey" to Jay and her friends because of that power. Hailey is an incredible fighter both mentally and physically.


Hailey is very sly and sneaky. She is also known as the "Cat Jumper" on Vulparian because she is as sly and sleek as a cat. She is very cynical and sarcastic but she is not afraid to have fun.

Later onEdit

When Hailey turns 14 she meets a boy named Jay. She takes him in as her student after she witnesses his true powers and his Hydrokinesis. She helps him train and get stronger then out of no where he kisses her. Suprisingly she kisses back and they are soon dating. 2 and 1/2 years later they find out Hailey is pregnant with their triplets; Mara, Mason and Naomi. She and Jay never marry but they remain together until the end.


-She has silver ki

-She is 1/3 Vulparian

-She is blind in her 3rd eye

-She is both a mental and a physical fighter

-She gets her Vulparian from her distant family reletives &nbsp