Contact Us @ Maja FutureEdit

EJ is the one u can contact if u want 2 join. We can also answer any questions u may hav.

We can be reached here or on our e-mail-

Rules for JoiningEdit

1:) U hav 2 hav a RPC 4 DBZ

2:) U need 2 follow all rules 4 DBZ Maja Future and DO NOT TAKE or use any other persons RPC's unless u asks

3:) Be nice and respect other people who participate in the Maja Future

4:) Contact us b4 joining (EJ's account or our e-mail Animefreak.nani@hotmail )

5:) Include this information when u join:

-RPC's name,age, species, Z-Fighters or villian or other, love interest (if any), does the love work (if so), pic of them, info/bio on them

6:) If u want 2 pair ur RPC wit any1 elses ask 1st

7:) If you are pairing with an already existing character, make sure that someone hasn't already paired there RPC with them (this is first come first serve I can't pair people with the same people over and over)

8:) Have edits/drawings up somewhere we can use for series and pics (Don't worry you will be credited4 them)

9:) No bashing others RPCs or couples

10:) No rudness will be tolerated, if u r ur account and IP address will be blocked from Maja Future

If You Don't Have an RPCEdit

If u dont hav an RPC their r 2 ways 2 fix tht:

1:)You can create an RPC. Only thing to do is when you create relationshiops and such make sure it doesn't contradict another character that is established [let me know though I can often work something in to make you happy on the matter =]

2:)You can Roleplay as a character that is already in DBZ that is alive (I have none of this yet but if this comes up I will list it on the characters page, and you would help in deciding things about the characters Maja self, relationships, ect.)

FAQ About Maja Future and UsEdit

Follow link 2 FAQ page