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Icetope is one of the planets destoryed by Majin Buu and Babidi. Only a few people escpaed the planet.


The Icetopians or the people of Icetope are known throughout the universe as peaceful but an extremly powerful race of people. They dwelled on the planet Icetope.



Their culture is very much like the culture of Ancient Egypt. The planet is ruled by one person, a pharoh (or someone with power much like the pharoh), that are influnanced by gods, goddesses and other figures in their culture. The ones born into the life of a priest, priestess, prophets, or propheteses are very close in power to the nobles in powers as well as the pharohs.

Slavery is very frowned upon on Icetope. If you are caught keeping, selling, or breeding slaves you will be locked away for life and be placed on death row.

Nobles have servants but they are NOT slaves. They do house work and some manual labor depending on the job and the employer. On Icetope everyone has a job and apurpose to live (hardly any suicides)

The throne is usually given to the eldest son or eldest daughter.

If the oldest son or daughter is not up to the task of ruling yet, then the next child in line will rule. This can create very much friction but as the 11 rules of life says "Life is not fair, get used to it" and that rule is the most sacrate rule on Icetope.

On Icetope the children of the pharoh have to earn their father respect and approval. Sons of the phaoh have to be "purifided' with a whip or by showing a sign of incredible strength and or wisdom.

The Icetopians seem happy and they would always defend their home and their people. They are a race of peaceful yet powerful people. They are stronger than Saiyan by a lot. They are as strong a super saiyan 20.

Icetopian people usually have up to 4-16 children, any less than 4 children is considered as a taboo.


Icetopians have blue skin and their eye color vary, so does their hair color.


Tatoos are worn by all people and they are usually given to the person at a very young age. Some are given as the person is older as a result of a prohetacy, something changed or something was missed. Orphanes are given a tatoo (2 vertivcal lines and a bright star on their left leg).

Tatoos tell what rank in sociaty and what job a person has.

The ones that take the throne or that will take the throne have a green cross on their cheek.

Ranks in sociatyEdit

Pharoh and family (children, wife etc.)

High Priestes, Priestesses and Prophets

Officals, scribes, doctors, minor priests


Peasents, Servants, labourors


-Their sociaty is based on Ancient Egypt

-Pharohs have a green cross on thier cheek if they will rule or rule

-Icetopians are stronger than saiyans &nbsp