Kadrance is the 2nd oldest son of Bron and Amaya Shinhan.
Kadrance shinhan 1

Kadrance Shinhan.

He is also the twin of Starz and he is the youngest of the 2. He is a lot like both his parents. He is like Bron because he is very stubborn and headstrong. He is like Amaya because he is kind and very understanding. Kadrance has access to Pyrokinesis, Aerokinesis and Metakinesis. Kadrance is loud and he is not afraid to speak his mind or add his imput.

Kadrance's PowersEdit

Kadrance is both a physical and a mental fighter. He has access to Pyrokinesis, Aerokinesis, and Metakinesis. Pyrokinesis allows him to be able to control to anything that deals with heat. Aerokinesis allows him to be able to control air or weather. Metakinesis allows him to be able to control anything metal or metal based. He also has the ability to dispatch his telekinesis so the things around him float. This power can also let the things around him to put themselves back into their proper place (also it comes in handy when doing house work or chores, hehe :)

Later onEdit

When he is 13 he meets a girl by the
Kadrance and mickey lol - Copy (2)

Kadrance and Mickey driving.

name of Mickey, she and her sister Emmie were living up at Korin Tower and they were being trained by Korin. He starts flirting with her and she finds him charming (acorrding to her :). They start hanging out and they form a close friendship. Kadrance and Mickey are almost inceprible, they train together and she even lives with him for a time. Then after 3 years of dating they find out Mickey is pregnant with a baby girl they later name Ashley. 2 years later they are expecting another baby girl they name Lailla. They never marry but they stay together until the end.


Kadrance is very silly and very sarcastic. He is understanding and kind. He always is their to lend a hand when you need one. Kadrance is kinda like a kid who never grew up.


-He is a born a day after Starz because he is born on September 1st at 12:01 and Starz is born August 31st at 11:58

-His most dormant power is Electrokinesis

-He has maroon red ki

-He has Mickey and the girls names tattooed on his arm

-He has the power of "Dispatch Telekinesis"

-Has Metakinesis