Kaitaya Son.

Kaitaya is the twin sister of Goku. She is a lot like him and they are equal in strength. She is vulgur, tough, and stubborn. But she is just like Goku, they are also very close. She is close also to her older sister Kakira, her younger sister Exaya and her half sister Akira. She is also the mother of Senta, Tomiya, and Cheni, and she is the wife of Kendall. Kaitaya loves her family very much.

Kaitaya's PowersEdit

Kaitaya is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Electrokinesis, Dracokinesis, and Hydrokinesis. Electrokinesis allows her to be able to control and create electricity. Dracokinesis allows her to be able to control gases and vapors. Hydrokinesis allows her to be able to contrl and bend liquids. She also has the spirit of the Arctic Fox. These are the Arctic Fox traits; intelligence, stealth, and indurance. She can also go Super Saiyan until level 7. Kaitaya loves fighting and she would do anything to protect others.

Later onEdit

While in space Kaitaya meets a man named Kendall. She is instantly attracted to him and he is to her. They train together and even though she fights it she is falling in love with him. One day out of no where they are attacked, she gets hit and he runs to her. He defeats the assassains and he brings her inside, he nurses her back to health. He gives her a root that relaxes her and soon she admits that she loves him. Once she realizes what she told him, she is embarresed but he admits that he loves her too. They end up getting married and they have 3 girls together; Senta, Tomiya and Cheni. Kaitaya loves her family and she would do anything to protect them.


Kaitaya is vulgar, stubborn but kind. She is a lot like Goku and she never gives up. She is tough, powerful and she has a thick skin. She loves fighting and she loves her family.


-Is younger than Goku (Goku is born at 22:06 saiyan time and she is born 22:10)

-Got her K necklace for her birthday from her mother

-Has blue ki

-Is closest to her younger sister Exaya

-Her most dormant power is Kromokinesis

+Author's Note+Edit

Their was a typo when we made the page so you pronounce her name (Kai-Te-Uh), even though it is spelled Kaiataya

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