Kaleb is the life partner of Mia Shinhan he is also the
Kaleb 2

Kaleb (:Peace:)

younger brother of Lilliana and the son of Mercanary Tao. Kaleb is nothing like his father he is actually is the oppisite of his father, but he does have a slight temper. Kaleb is very kind and he is always looking for ways to help people. He has a natural gift that allows him to detect what caliber of fight he is going into meaning he always knows whether he can win or not. Kaleb also has very acute physic powers and Pyrokinesis. Kaleb is a incredibly gifted fighter and he also has a very sweet personality.

Kaleb's Power Edit

Kabel is both a physical and a mental fighter. He has access to Pyrokinesis which allows him to control fire. He has all the powers that Mercanary Tao and Master Shen have. He was trained by them and Lilliana. He is always looking for ways to improve the way he fights. He also tries hard to learn from every mistake. Kaleb is an incredible fighter both mentally and physically.


Kaleb is the oppisite of his father Tao. He is kind, caring and he is always there to lend a hand. He can be very headstrong and stubborn when he wants to be. He is also very silly and sarcastic. He always tries to make the best of every situation.

Later onEdit

When Kaleb was 6 himself, Lilliana and the Z Fighters fought his father and
Mia and kaleb

Mia and Kaleb kiss.

uncle. That's when he met Mia, he instantly fell for her but he doesn't say anything because he is afraid she doesn't feel the same for him.

Nothing happens until they turn 12. He decided that he wants Mia to know about his feelings for her so he comes over unnounced and asks to see her.Kadrance tells him that Mia is at Moonlight training. He goes to find her. Once he does he they talk for a while then suddenly they kiss and then he asks her out. She says yes and 5 years later, they are expecting a baby girl they later name, Hailey.


-He is the oppisite of his father (in personality)

-He meets Mia when he is 6

-Has Pyrokinesis

-His most dormant power is Terrakinesis

-He and Mia never marry

-His daughters name is Hailey

-He has blue ki