Maritonan is the lover of Tarrasa. She is also the mother of Celsia

Maritonan daydreaming about her baby.

and the former lover of Joseph. When she decided that she was a lesbian Joseph was always supportive and he is the one that got her Tarrasa together. When she and Tarrasa asked Joseph if they could use DNA to have a baby. He agreed but he wanted equal custody of the child and he wanted the baby to be raised as having 2 moms and 1 dad. They agreed and after that Joseph moved in with them. 9 months later she gave birth to their daughter Celsia. Celsia was raised as a fighter and she joined the Z-Fighters/Gen2 at age 10. Maritonan is not a fighter of any sort she is just a by standered.


Maritonan has a fun, bubbly personality and she always tries to have a positive attitude about things both good and bad. She always tells Celsia to be prepared because you never know whats out there. She incourages Celsia to become stronger and she tells her along with speed and technique she needs to have a back up plan and an escape route. Maritonan is very good at giving advice and she is always truthful and honest. She has
Maritonan and tarrasa 2

Maritonan and Tarrasa <kiss>

always been that way.


Always be prepared because you never know what the situation calls for.


-Maritonan and Joseph were lovers before she became a lesbian

-Joseph got her and Tarrasa together

-She tells Celsia to always be prepared

-She has a fun, bubbly personality

-She is NOT a fighter