Mercanary TaoEdit

Mercanary Tao is the younger brother of Master Shen, he is also the father of
Cyborg tao

Cyborg Mercanary Tao.

Lilliana and Kaleb. He is a ruthless assassain. He charges 10 million Zeni to for 1 kill but know one but Goku and Talina (Tien fought him and lived but at the WMAT 23rd) have fought him and lived to tell about it. He and Shen run a fighting school and he works with the students at hand to hand combat. He is ruthless and doesn't care who he hurts.


He and Shen wanted there school to succeed so badly they took fighter children from their loved ones and added then to the school. Also they brought kids from other planets and added them to the ranks. They started training the new recrutes for the up coming battle with the Shinhans. When they fought the Shinhans, their students betrayed them and soon Shen was defeated but he survived (barely and his cyborg body saved him).

Tao did end up fighting Talina. He was causing trouble (again) in hell so when he didn't think she'd be that much of a fight. She beat him with 3 punches. She left and Tao swore venganes on her for that.

Motto/Saying of hisEdit

Pleased to kill you


-He survives the battle against the Shinhans

-He becomes a cyborg after he fights kid Goku

-He has 2 kids