Nicole DBZ Maja FutureEdit

Nicole is the daughter of Android 8 and Android 9. She has been a

Nicole pissed.

fighter ever sense she was little Nicole loves fighting and she is always itching to battle a strong apponient. Nicole is brave and very kind. She would gladly lay down her life to help save the innocent or her family. She is also fiercly loyal to her friends. Especaillly, her best friends Sincerity and Nathan. She is always trying to keep her family and friends safe that's just how she is. Nicole is also a total tomboy sense age 9.

Later on/Story FlashbackEdit

For years Sincerity has tried to get Nathan and Nicole together because she can tell that they have feelings for each other. Finally, on Nicole's 14th birthday Nathan's presnt to her is a blue necklace and then he asks her to go out with him. She says yes and that's when they realize what Sincerity was trying to do. They thank her then as everyone expected they decide to settle down. When Nicole turns 17 she finds out she is pregnant with their son Jonathan. Nicole and Nathan never marry but they stick to their saying about marriage "marriage is just a simple piece of paper, save paper and just remain life partners its the same thing as marriage with less paper." Everyone laughed but that's what Nathan and Nicole think of marriage. Nicole is brave and very trust worthy she would gladly lay down her life if it meant keeping her friends and family safe.


Nicole is tough and really headstrong. She hates when someone makes fun of her and she holds a fierce grudge


- Nicole is 1/2 android 1/2 human

- She is a tomboy

- Her best friends are Sincerity and Nathan

- She and Nathan never marry

- She has light blue ki

- Her sons name is Jonathan