Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl. She is also the granddaughter of Goku. She fights like her father and grandfather. She wants anything to get stronger and she fights in honor of her dead brother Jacon.
Pan adult

Pan older :)

Story Flashback

When Pan was 3 their home was attacked by Z2. Jacon sheilded her and he was gone. 2 days later they found part his training uniform on the ground, they knew what this meant, he was gone. A few yards away, lay his dead body. She and her older sisters; Mickey and Emmie fight in the memory of their brother.

Later on

Pan meets Bryce when she is 16. He is fighting with a bad group of fighters and he blasts her. His "buddies" roughed her up but after they leave he comes back and brings her to Pariah's Hospital. After she wakes up he comes to see her. She yells at him but he silences her with a kiss. After she heals they start dating, two years later they marry. They have 1 child together, a boy named Jacson.


Pan is sweet and a little tempermental. She is always trying to help people and she loves to fight.


-Her older brother is killed by Z2

-She is a lot like her grandfather Goku

-Has gold ki