Passion is daughter of Android 4 and Android 5. She is very trust
Passion teen

Passion teen.

worthy and very good with dealing with people. She is mostly a physic fighter but she has a physical fighting side thanks to her dad Android 5. She is very kind and very sweet natured like her mother Android 4. Passion is a girly girl but she can still put up a decent fight. She is near and dear to her word and she never breaks a promise.

Later onEdit

Passion is close to her parents and her little sister, Joy. Her cousins Nicole, Amu and Alison as well. She even refers to her cousins as her "sisters." She is also close to her friends Candy and MJ. Candy tries to get MJ and Passion together but they won't budge they just keep saying they are just friends. Finally Candy gives up. However, 3 weeks later she catches MJ and Passion kissing behind MJ's house, she can't believe it so she confronts them. Finally they tell her and Candy walks away pissed. Passion tries to stop her but she won't listen, that was a hard time in their friendship because they made an agreement when they were younger about not keeping secerts. Passion apoligied for like the billionth time and finally Candy accepts and they are friends again.

2 years later, when Passion turns 17 she finds out she is pregnant with twins they later name, Lily and CJ. Passion and MJ love their kids dearly and would do anything for them and for each other. MJ and Passion never marry but they remain life long partners until the end.


Passion is very passionate about fighting and loving her family. She loves them and she is very protective of them. She is always their to lend a hand and she loves to help others.


- Passion is very good at dealing with people

- She has orange ki

- Her favorite colors are pink and orange

- She is a girly girl

- She is mostly a physic fighter

-She has an excellent fashion sense