Raine Edit

Raine is one of the former students of Master Shen and Mercanary Tao. She


and her sister were fighters from the time they could walk. She and Snow were picked up by Shen when her parents "fought Tao and lost." They were actually killed when they refused to let their daughters join Shen and Tao's school. After they died Shen and Tao added the girls to their fighting team and school.

Raine's PowersEdit

Raine is a mental and physical fighter. She has Terrakinesis and Hydrokinesis.Terrakinesis allows her to be able to control or bend earth/rock. Hydrokinesis allows her to be able to control anything liquid. When she found out her parents were killed in the fight she screamed and fell to her knees and when Snow displayed her hidden power she had nothing to show but tears. Ever sense then she became distant and very quiet but she and Snow grew closer.


Raine was fun but quiet all the time but when her parents died she became very sad and distant. She tries to stay positive and she fights in honor of her parents and to make Snow proud.


-She and her sister Snow are idenical twins

-She is not as strong as Snow

-She and her sister have a cat named Sleet

-Her most dormant power is Icekinesis

-She is younger than Snow by 2 minutes (Snow is born December 12 at 11:57 and she is born Decmber 12 at 11:59)

-She is a Sagittaurius