Stardust is the daughter of Dollie and Metz. She
Stardust teen

Stardust teen.

is full blooded Yadronian/Yardron (Yardron/Yardronian= like Chiaotzu). She is someone that you can trust and she is one acompished physic fighter because she won the WMAT junior compition with moving only her pointer finger. Granted it was the Junior compition but it was still impresisve.

Story FlashbackEdit

She, Orchid and Columbine have been on all kinds of dangerous adventures, like when they walked in on one Mercanary Tao's training sessions. He tried blasting them but they dodged the attacks. Stardust fired a low grade Dodon Ray and that left Tao in the dust. They ended up finding the 5 star ball in the hallway inside a trophy case. She is usually the one to stay behind and trash the place she is like her father Metz on that part.

Later onEdit

When she is 7 she meets a boy by the name of Harron. Her parents know his father from being a guard on New Mininsa. She is attracted to him but they only speak small talk for a while. Then his father is nearly killed by assassins, she rushes to his side. She only leaves him to see her family and for other reasons (like for going to the bathroom,etc). But they form a tight friendship and they end up dating. But before they date her boyfriend at the time doesn't approve of all the time they spend together. They break up and that leaves her heart broken. But Harron is there for her like she was there for him. Then they date and when they are 16 they get married. On the honeymoon they get pregnant. They have a boy they name Osi. Stardust loves her family dearly and would do anything for them.


- She has pink ki

- She loves her family very much

- She is full blooded Yardronian/Yardron

- Her favorite colors are pink and blue