Taurtet is the twin of Tova Ji. He is loud, out


spoken and devious. He loves to pull pranks and he is a skilled thief. He and Tova Ji are skilled and they are equally matched in power but she is wiser. He loves to be around his sibings and he hates his father Tanatun. He is supposably killed when Icetope explodes.

Taurtet's PowersEdit

Taurtet is a mental and physical fighter. He has Metakinesis and Plirokinesis. Metakinesis allows him to be able to control anything metal or metal based. Plirokinesis allows him to be able to take information, he can slip inside someones mind and take their information.

Story FlashbackEdit

Taurtet has many reasons for hating his father but here are the two main reasons.

1: The first reason he hates his father is when he is 14 his father thinks he stole money from the palace when really it was a slave. His father beat him so sevearly and left him with 5 broken ribs, a broken leg, both knees popped out of place, and a fractered ulna. And whats more once the theif was found and sacrificed his father said nothing and passed it off as a "miscommunication".

2: His father sent only is 2 favorite children; Tova Ji and Kaktra to Earth (and safety) .


Taurtet is sarcastic and really cocky. He thinks his is the best and he wants nothing to do with his father. He loves his siblings and he supports them. Taurtet is also the type of person who holds a fierce grudge so if you piss him off beware.


-The origanal teal mark under his left eye is a mark that meant "least favored of the pharohs children"

-He is older than Tova Ji by 3 minutes

-He ultered the teal mark under his eye, now it says "1 forgotten son and 1 stronger in person"

-Has the same *kinesis powers as Tova Ji

-He is closest to his little sisters Fereta Meir and Vereta Meir &nbsp