Truth DBZ Maja FutureEdit

Truth is the youngest of Tears and Seth's triplets. Truth's personality is much like her older sister Sincerity. She is
Truth shinhan

Truth Shinhan.

very kind and definetley a people person. She can always turn to her sisters when she is in a tough spot. Like her sisters Honesty and Sincerity she would give her life up for them, that's truly close she is to her sisters. Truth is very true to her name so she is very truthful and she can always tell when somebody is lying, she is also good at making people tell the truth. She is both a physic fighter and a physical fighter.Seth helps her with her physical fighting skills and Tear helps her with her physic abilities. She also loves to spar with her sisters. Truth is very helpful like her sister Sincerity and she is also very good with people.

Later on/ Story FlashbackEdit

When Truth and her sisters turn 13, they are called to New Mitsumea to rule. After saying their goodbyes to their friends on earth they are wisked away to New Mitsumea where they are welcomed. Truth really understood the meaning of the word "home". She loved it here and she wouldn't trade it for the world. 3 years later, when Truth and her sisters turned 16 a huge was party thrown for them, that's when she met the flirt Serent. He toys with her for a while then he asks her out. She says yes and they really hit it off. Only, 6 months later he asks Truth to marry him, she says yes and as a twist she finds out she is pregant with a baby boy which they later name, Lantern. When she turns 19 she finds out she is pregant again this time with a girl they later name, Cheer. She loves Lantern and Cheer to bits as well as Serent. She would do anything to keep them safe. Truth is very truthful and she is good with people.


I would do anything to protect my family and the helpness.

Trivia Edit

-Truth is very truthful but not very good with people

- She is both a physic fighter and a physical fighter

-Truth meets Serent for her 14 birthday party

- She finds out she is pregnant with Lantern when she is 16 and a half

- She has green ki

- Her daughters name is Cheer