Variscite is the youngest of Garnet and Dante's triplets. She is always


looking out for her sisters; Malachite and Aventurine as well as her cousins and Z Team mates. She is very protective and she would die if it meant protecting the innocent.

Variscite's PowersEdit

Variscite is a physical and a mental fighter. She has Aerokinesis and Pyrokinesis. Aerokinesis allows her to be able to control the air and weather. Pyrokinesis allows her to control fire or anything else to do with heat. She is a talented fighter and she fights to protect the innocent.

Later onEdit

When Varisicte goes to Mininsa to rule with her sisters. She is assigned a guard, a boy by the name of Vartan. They fall in love and a few years later when she is 17 she finds out she is pregnant with a boy they name Jadeite. She loves her family dearly and she would do anything for her them.

Her Guardian Character Edit

Variscite has a guardian character. Her name is Roanna. Roanna helps her keep a balance in life because after her mom died she lost balance and control in her life. Roanna helps her find balance and a sense of peace in her life. She also helps her fight and she is created from Variscite's longing of normalisy and peace.


Variscite is vain and hates when someone ruins her hair or her outfit. She is hard headed and a stubborn fighter. She is loyal and very compassionate. She is sweet person and she would do anything to protect the innocent.


-She is the youngest of her sisters

-She is has a personality like Amber

-She is closest to Kashmir

-She is born a day after her sisters because of complication (Malachite is born May 3rd at 11:54 and Aventurine is born at 11:57 she was born May 4th at 12:06)

-She is often mistaken as her older sister Malachite